I spent most of the day tinkering with my new laptop. I’m getting used to Windows Vista, and most of the useless applications that were preinstalled (stupid AOL) are gone. My laptop is starting to feel like my laptop.

Other than tinkering (I like that word), I didn’t do anything else worth mentioning. I had to work tonight, but that’s just like most nights. Maybe I’ll have more to say tomorrow.

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3 Responses to “Tinkering”

  1. tb Says:

    a PC? How 1992.

    You do know about Macs, right?

  2. normalboy Says:

    Yes, I do. As much as I like Macs, the screens on the laptops aren’t even close to as vibrant as the Sony Vaio screens. Therefore, no matter how much better the Mac OS is over Windows, I won’t buy a Mac.

    Now if Sony started supporting the Mac OS, then we’d have a different story.

  3. Lisa Says:

    I love how elitist Mac users are. Wait, not love. Hate. I hate how elitist Mac users are.

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