No Longer Computerless

After months of waiting, I finally got a new laptop! My old laptop died nearly three months ago, and I’ve been using my dad’s desktop since then. I’m glad I had at least some way of checking my email and surfing the internet, but there’s definitely something different about using my own computer. I can finally type posts for this blog without fear of my parents looking over my shoulder or having to wait until they went to sleep.

I got the powerful and portable Vaio SZ. My brand loyalty runs deep. I’m going to spend some time tonight to delete some of the “free” trial software Sony/Microsoft preinstalled on my computer (stupid AOL). After a day or two of tinkering, my laptop should be customized to the way I want.

I’ve secretly been telling myself that I would wait until I got a new computer before properly updating my resume and searching for jobs with full force. I don’t have any excuse anymore.


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