Taiwanese Politics

The Taiwan presidential elections were today. Technically, all the action happened last night, since Taiwan is 15 hours ahead of Pacific Time. My parents (especially my mom) were glued to the TV last night after coming back from dropping my brother off at the airport.

My mom has been rooting for Ma Ying-jeou (馬英九) during the entire presidential campaign, so she was anxious to see all the votes tallied. When the numbers started being released around 2am last night, my mom got really excited. She was jumping around and yelling at the TV screen. It was pretty funny.

Ma Ying-jeou was officially declared the winner around 3am. I went to bed soon after that, but my mom stayed up until 5am so she could hear Ma Ying-jeou speak after his victory. My mom was really happy all day today because Ma Ying-jeou won. My family members in Taiwan are probably also just as ecstatic. My grandfather actually flew back to Taiwan last week so he could vote for Ma Ying-jeou.

I really don’t know anything about Taiwanese politics, but my parents watch a Taiwanese political talk show almost every night. I’ve heard that the current president (of the opposing political party) is corrupt and has been spewing lies for the last eight years.

A lot of people in Taiwan are uneducated, so they listen to the lies and propaganda. Luckily (I’m clearly biased), enough people have realized that the current political party in power is corrupt, and the long overdue change in power is finally here.

The whole political situation in Taiwan sounds suspiciously parallel to the situation in the US.


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