Arby’s Never Fails

I left my house two hours early to walk a mile and a half to the bus stop. After I got off the bus, I was still about half a mile away from work. I decided to eat lunch on the way, so I stopped at an Arby’s. I love Arby’s, but usually don’t get much opportunity to eat it. That’s probably a good thing though, because I tend overeat when I’m there. Today was no exception.

As I was finishing my meal, two of my high school friends came in! They were meeting each other for lunch, and we happened to cross paths. After catching up for a while, I ended up getting a ride to work! It was a short distance, but it was still better than walking.

Surprisingly, I had more energy at work today than I did yesterday. By the end of my shift, I still was wide awake (and as hyper as ever). Maybe walking to the bus warmed me up for the day. Or, more likely, I got a lot of energy from eating too much at Arby’s. I was eating the way I did when I was “fat,” but it was so worth it!

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