Remembering A Stranger

My parents and I went to a cemetery today. We went to remember my aunt (my dad’s sister) who passed away 16 years ago. Her husband (my uncle) organizes a gathering every year, but I had never attended until today. In fact, I had never been to my aunt’s grave until today.

Once all the attendees arrived, my uncle lit some Chinese incense and laid out some of my aunt’s favorite foods. We all did some bowing in front of the grave, and then my uncle burned some fake money and paper. The fake money represents sending my aunt money so she can buy whatever she wants. The paper represents sending my aunt cloth so she can make her own clothes.

Even though my aunt passed away after I was born, I have no memory of her at all. The only interaction we had was when I was a baby. It’s a weird feeling to stand in front of the grave of a relative, trying to remember something about her. I’ve never even seen a picture of her.


One Response to “Remembering A Stranger”

  1. blackannisdoll Says:

    Hey – I know this feeling. Sometimes we go visit my great-grandparents, whom I only knew as a baby – I don’t remember them whatsoever. So I just ask my family all sorts of questions regarding them and make memories from stories…

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