Pink Passion

Seven years ago today was the day I first came out. I like to refer to March 14 as my anniversary. I’ve never really done anything too special on my anniversary, but I always keep the importance of the day in mind.

When I got to work today, I had an unusually high level of energy. One of my work friends is a lesbian, and luckily she was working today. Not too many people at work know (officially) that I’m gay, so it was nice to have someone to share my excitement.

During my break, I went down to the Starbucks inside Target and bought a passion tea lemonade. I just wanted a cold drink because I was hot (temperature-wise) from working, but I soon realized a pink drink was a perfect (small) way to celebrate my anniversary!


2 Responses to “Pink Passion”

  1. Amy Says:

    A passionfruit lemonade ice tea unsweetened only a little ice? My favourite StarBucks drink! Happy Annersary sweetie

  2. Vishaal Says:

    Happy Anniversary as well.

    Dedicated to the guy who always knows everybody’s birthdays.


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