I just realized I missed two of my friends’ birthdays within the last week. I used to be really good at remember dates and birthdays. I might still remember the date, but I won’t remember on the actual day in question. I hate saying “happy belated birthday.”

This frustrates me a lot. My friends used to ask me when other people’s birthdays are. Now that I’m working and losing all track of time, the days are flying by without me realizing. It’s almost the middle of March!

Sometimes I think my brain is slowing from not using it as much as I once did. I still remember what my master’s thesis is about, but dates and memories that I used to remember very well are fading. Maybe I should start playing sudoku or something.

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One Response to “Belated”

  1. jos76 Says:

    I thnk that most holidays, including birthdays, are for children. If anyone is ever upset that I forget his/her birthday (like my mother for example), I get very annoyed.

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