He Didn’t Have To Be

I don’t have too much to report tonight, so I’m going to post a link to an old but really amazing song by Brad Paisley.

The song is called “He Didn’t Have To Be.” I love how the lyrics tell such a heartfelt and touching story. One reason why I love country music is because the songs often tell great stories. The video is really good too.

All of Brad Paisley’s songs/lyrics/videos are incredibly well done, which is why he’s my favorite country singer. He’s pretty easy on the eyes too.


One Response to “He Didn’t Have To Be”

  1. Santana Says:

    Paisley’s star has shined in country music as a singer and as a songwriter. Since the release of his 1999 album “who needs pictures”, Brad’s popularity is remarkable and in his concerts it becomes so clear that he artist has his audience who loves him. Thus, whenever he performs, it becomes so hard to get a ticket and prices are always sky rocked. Lately, a friend recommended me a site where to compare ticket prices for free. This way one could look for the cheapest tickets.
    Brad Paisley Tickets
    I know a fan would pay anything just to see his favourite but to be thrifty is something good.

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