Retail Induced Sickness

I’m feeling a little under the weather tonight. I feel dizzy and headachey. I have a small temperature (99.6 degrees Fahrenheit), but I should be able to beat the sickness before it gets worse. I should have been prepared. Multiple people at work are sick, and a high traffic store like Target is bound to be infested with germs. I think I’ve been overexerting myself lately, so I’m probably susceptible to all the sickness around me.

Earlier today, my stomach was hurting. I had had lunch a couple hours before, so I didn’t think it was hunger. The pain went away after some Cheez-Its and a nap, but I can feel it returning (and I just had dinner).

My dad once worked in retail for a little while. The erratic hours threw off his meal schedule, and he developed an ulcer. My parents worry that I’m going to get an ulcer too. I try to reassure them that my meal schedule is still within reasonable boundaries, but my stomach pain today makes me wonder. I don’t want an ulcer.


One Response to “Retail Induced Sickness”

  1. blackannisdoll Says:

    I know that feeling – I’ve been working retail since the beginning of my working life… I get sick ALL the time… Ihate it so much and I can’t wait to quit!

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