Lacking Recognition

Rather than my usual closing shift, one of the ETLs assigned me the early shift (starting at 8am) tomorrow. I’m going to be covering for one of our team leaders. I probably won’t get all of the responsibilities of a team leader, but I will certainly learn new things and be doing something different from my usual job.

I’m starting to wonder whether all of this extra work I do is going unnoticed. I’m not getting a promotion (I’m definitely not getting a pay raise), and my title isn’t changing. If I leave Target, I still have to put “sales floor team member” on my resume. I can maybe tell future employers about the extra effort I put into my job, but it won’t matter that much if my resume immediately tells them that I was at the bottom of the food chain.

Every month, the ETLs of each Target elect a “Great Team Hero,” someone who does exemplary work and is a great team player. February was a good month for me, and I sort of thought I was a shoo-in. Yesterday, the ETLs announced a different person for Great Team Hero. I don’t know why I care so much, but I felt like I did a lot to deserve the title.

Anyway. I don’t do my job because I expect recognition. I feel honored that the ETLs and team leaders give me additional responsibilities. But just because I don’t expect recognition doesn’t mean I wouldn’t love some.

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One Response to “Lacking Recognition”

  1. Lisa Says:

    Ask the ETLs what they look for when picking a “Great Team Hero” and that you’d love to do your job well enough to earn that recognition. It could be they are looking for other stuff that you haven’t thought of, or they might have a list, since they can only do one a month, of people who have gone above and beyond in the past, or consistently for a long time, and maybe you’re on that list but your month hasn’t come up yet.

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