A Paycheck Is Still A Paycheck

I had lunch with a friend (the girlfriend of my college friend) today. She was all dressed up in professional attire; she had been going around different retail stores giving out her resume and asking about management positions.

As I mentioned before, my friend is currently unemployed. With the US economy sucking right now (and only getting worse), it’s really hard to find any sort of job these days. I feel very lucky to have a job, even if it pays well below my qualifications.

That makes me think about a hypothetical (hopefully it stays hypothetical) situation. If the ETL opportunity at Target never becomes a reality, then should I continue working at Target in my current capacity? On one hand, if I have no future with the company, then why should I stay? On the other hand, there’s no telling how long I could be unemployed if I left. A paycheck is still a paycheck, even as meager as mine is.

I’ve been holding back on applying for other jobs and looking at other options while I wait for the ETL position. I’m going to give the store team leader another week or two to get back to me. If he makes me wait too long (or, God forbid, I don’t get the ETL job), I have to reevaluate my situation and my employment with Target.

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