Two Steps Backward

I’m thinking about hanging out with the girlfriend of one of my college friends tomorrow, like I did last week. I passively mentioned this to my parents, and they seemed weirded out. They’re afraid that my friend is going to get jealous or think that something is going on between his girlfriend and me.

My friend knows I’m gay. I would never try to steal his girlfriend away. That thought makes me laugh, except that my parents weren’t joking. They suggested that I instead hang out wtih my female friend from college who they like and is currently single. Their suggestion makes me laugh too. I’m going to suddenly start dating my friend just because she’s female and single? Is that really how straight people get together?

I haven’t mentioned being gay to my parents since March 6, 2002, and that time didn’t take (I’ve talked about this before). I thought that since they stopped badgering me about getting married and finding a girl to cook for me, then they must have realized on some level that I’m gay and backed off the subject. Apparently, I was wrong. They really didn’t believe me, and I will inevitably have to explain it to them again.

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