Catching Up Over Fast Food

I had dinner with an old high school friend tonight. We kept in touch off and on throughout college, but I haven’t had much contact with him after I went to graduate school. We actually ran into each other at a restaurant a couple weeks ago. I barely recognized him. He seems to have gained a lot of weight, so it took a few seconds to register who he was.

When he called me up today to finalize our plans, he suggested we go to a fast food restaurant. I was a little surprised. I was expecting to sit down at a “real” restaurant, even if it wasn’t fancy, but I thought maybe he gained weight because fast food is his main source of food. After all, I ate fast food multiple times a day in college. That’s how I got fat.

I don’t eat fast food too often anymore, so I didn’t have a problem eating a small burger or two. I skipped the fries (even though I wanted them). Interestingly, my friend ordered an Asian salad with grilled chicken.

Since my friend chose to meet at a fast food restaurant, I thought maybe he only wanted a short meeting, but we ended up talking for almost two hours. I didn’t say anything about his weight gain (or my weight loss) though, since I don’t know how sensitive he is about his weight.

It was great catching up with an old friend, but I wonder if I should have said something about his weight. In high school, my friend was very fit, much more than I was. What are you supposed to say in such a situation? If someone loses weight, you say “It looks like you lost some weight” or “You look great” or something, but what if someone gains weight?

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One Response to “Catching Up Over Fast Food”

  1. Danny Says:

    I stumbled upon your blog recently, and this was the first post I felt inclined to respond to. As someone who’s put on a fair amount of weight since high school, I thought of 2 things while reading: 1) a friend’s weight loss is definitely reason for congratulations even if someone’s gained some and 2) I’m not sure what reason there would be to comment on a friend’s weight increase; I know I’m bigger than I was and I’m sure he does too. I’d think you could have said something about your weight loss and left the friend to either say “congrats” and let it be or to continue and ask how you did it, mention whether he was struggling, etc. Anyway, good luck on the swimmer’s build 🙂

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