Parent Approved Shopping

I did some khakis shopping with my parents before work. My parents didn’t like the idea of me having the waist 29 khakis from the Gap, especially ones that were regular price, so they took me to Macy’s. There are always big sales at Macy’s.

I found some waist 30 khakis that are okay (Macy’s doesn’t have waist 29 khakis). They don’t make me look quite as slender, and there’s a bit of room in the waist, but they’re better than the waist 32 khakis I usually wear.

During college and graduate school, my parents weren’t around to tell me what I could or couldn’t buy. I bought whatever I wanted to wear. After I lost weight (and the 90s were over), I stopped buying baggy and oversized clothes and bought clothes that fit better.

Now that I’m more confident and less self conscious about my body, I like wearing clothes that make me look slimmer. My parents, however, don’t understand that my age, look, and taste in clothes have changed. The slim khakis I bought from the Gap look tight to my dad, even though I don’t find them tight at all.

Since I’m 25 and can buy my own clothes, I don’t have to listen to anything my parents say. I want to keep my Gap khakis, but when my mom says “You can keep them if you really want them,” she sounds disapproving. She says it’s not a big deal, but I know she doesn’t want me to keep them (even though the Gap khakis fit so much better than the Macy’s ones). Knowing me, I’ll probably return them. But maybe I shouldn’t buy new clothes again until I move out of my parents’ house.


2 Responses to “Parent Approved Shopping”

  1. Lisa Says:

    Just because your mom has an opinion, it doesn’t mean you need to oblige it. It is OK to disagree with your parents. Keep the khakis.

    If they bring it up again, just say something noncommittal or even like you’re agreeing with them, like “yeah, they do make me look pretty thin”. But then, still keep them and wear them as much as you want.

  2. Amy Says:

    When I shop with my mom, I always end up with clothes a size to big, because she makes me question whether my smaller, tighter clothes look good on me. What has it got me? A closetful of expensive clothes that keep falling off. Part of being a grownup should be wearing pants that make you look good and feel good!

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