I Suck At Pool

I ended up going to the bar to see my friends last night. We did some minimal drinking and played pool. I’m unbelievably bad at pool. Many people say I should be good at pool because of my math background, but no. I suck. While I understand the angles and physics involved in pool, I can’t apply any of it. That’s why I studied pure math, not applied math. Meanwhile, my friends are pretty good at pool, which makes me suck even more by comparison.

My friends and I only hung out for about two and a half hours, but I’m really glad I decided to go. Target was extra busy last night (the Friday before Valentine’s Day), so I had to work extra hard to help guests. I was really tired by the end of my shift, but I reenergized when I saw my friends. Catching up with my college friends is always a blast.

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