Two Departments

Now that the slow season for retail has started, there are fewer team members working at Target at any one time. The closing shift now has only a little more than half the number of team members that it did a few weeks ago. As a result, I now have two departments to zone instead of one.

I started having to zone two departments last night (after covering electronics). I worked really fast and got my zoning done, but I wasn’t able to put all the stray and returned items back in their proper places. We call those items “go-backs” because they “go back” onto the sales floor after being returned or placed wrong. I left a big cart of go-backs for my departments at the end of the night. I felt a little guilty, because the morning team had to put away my go-backs.

Tonight was much better. I put away my go-backs first to get them out of the way and kept up a good pace with my zoning. I ended up finishing my two departments in the same time I used to finish my one department and left no go-backs. Afterwards, I had almost an hour to help zone in a different department!

My favorite team leader walked through my departments and said I did a really good job. It’s a nice feeling to do good work.

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