Covering Electronics

As I oft do, I went to Target early today just to walk around, shop, and say hi to some team members before my shift. My favorite team leader was there, and he asked if I could clock in early and cover the electronics department for a couple hours, since there was no electronics team member scheduled until later in the evening (someone must have called out).

On a complete side note, I don’t think I’m supposed to have favorite team leaders, but I do. My favorite team leader always assigns me to zone my favorite department (the one I’m the best at). He knows my strengths (e.g., I work really hard and love Target) and weaknesses (e.g., I’m a huge perfectionist, even when it slows me down) better than any other team leader.

Anyway. I hate covering the electronics department. I have to open the glass cases with the video games and expensive electronics, respond to technical questions to which I often don’t know the answer, and ring guests up at the cash register all at the same time. It gets pretty stressful when I’m trying to ring a guest up while another guest asks me a question about digital cameras and a third guest wants a Wii game from the glass case. You’d be amazed at how often that happens, even during the slow time of day/year.

The team members usually in electronics know their department well, so it’s not as big a deal for them, but I have a hard time keeping up sometimes. The guests always assume that if I’m working in the electronics department, then I must be an expert on all things electronic. Yes, I do know a little more about video games than the average Target guest, but still. It’s not like Target gives extensive training on whatever department to which we’re assigned.

The interesting thing is that I’m always the one called on to cover the electronics department. Usually I only have to cover a 15 minute break or maybe a 45 minute lunch, which is fine, but the team leaders and LODs only ask me, not any other team members. Maybe I should just take it as a compliment.

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