Multiple Resumes

As with anyone who is looking into multiple career paths, I have multiple versions of my resume. My actuary resume says that I passed the first actuarial exam. My teaching resume is more of a curriculum vitae and goes into a little more detail about my math related experience. Now I’m trying to make a Target resume to apply for ETL positions, but I’m not sure of how to make it perfect.

I included my research experience in math on both my actuary and teaching resumes, but I don’t think research experience is really necessary to put on my ETL resume. I have some leadership experience back from my high school days, but that might be a stretch to include. Is experience from over seven years ago really relevant? Especially experience from when I was a teenager?

My job experience as a sales floor team member is crucial for my ETL resume, since Target likes that I already work for them. Unfortunately, I’m having trouble describing what exactly I do at my job. How do I make what I do sound important, especially to people who should already know what I do?

Meanwhile, I completely omit my experience at Target on my actuary and teaching resumes. I guess it makes sense that manual labor at a menial job isn’t particularly important for professional jobs. But on the other hand, doesn’t working at Target show that I work well in a team environment and can be friendly in front of guests/customers/students/clients? Doesn’t leaving my job off my resumes seem like I’ve been unemployed for at least a couple months?


3 Responses to “Multiple Resumes”

  1. Lisa Says:

    It’s not unusual for students to be unemployed for a while after they graduate. I doubt most employers would look unfavorably at a recent grad being out of work for a while after graduation.

    In the unfortunate circumstance you decide to go the teaching or actuarial route and are still not gainfully employed a six months to a year after graduating (my impression is that you graduated in December, yes?) then add the Target experience. It’s OK to be looking for a job for a few months, but after a while employers will want to see you haven’t been drinking lattes at Starbucks for a year.

  2. normalboy Says:

    I technically graduated in November (that’s what my degree says), but I finished my program at the end of June. I took a little vacation time, helped my brother move for medical school, and then studied for the first actuarial exam.

    My graduation ceremony was a week before my exam, and I got my job at Target two days after. The benefit of my November degree is that it looks like I got my Target job right after I graduated, not four months later.

    I agree that I should include my Target experience on my resume if the months continue to pass by me without a “real” job. That’s another reason why I don’t want to quit my current peon job right now. It’s nice to have something on paper that covers my transition time.

    It’s true. I spend a lot less time at Starbucks now that I’m working. I went to Starbucks every day to study for my first actuarial exam.

    In case you (or anyone else) is interested, reading through my October/November 2007 archives will update you on most of my post-graduation/pre-Target activities. Be warned, though, it’s pretty boring.

  3. Dave - Resume help Says:

    Normal Boy, I agree with Lisa. Don’t feel pressured to fill your resume up with everything you’ve ever done. Granted, when you’re just starting, you have to list as much experience as you can. But when you’ve done a few things, you have the liberty to list only those jobs that will have skills you will use in your new job. Your employer will love seeing these and probably doesn’t care about something you left out that isn’t relative.

    Kind regards,
    Dave Jackson

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