A Frustrating Superbowl Sunday

Since it’s Superbowl Sunday, I thought that there would be fewer guests at Target. I was very wrong. Target was surprisingly busy. As a result, merchandise was left in the wrong aisles, products on the shelves were messed up, and trash was left lying around. The trash was usually just food and drinks, but I’ve seen a used diaper on a shelf too.

The store looks pretty messed up every day, but today it seemed so much worse. I got incredibly frustrated when I was straightening up (zoning) my department. Fixing up everything took so much longer than usual. I could barely stand it.

I got pretty good at zoning my department. On a regular day, I can zone my whole department and have almost an hour left over to help out other team members finish. Today I had to scramble to finish zoning at the last minute. My aisles looked okay at the end, but they weren’t up to my perfectionist standards.

It’s good that there are a lot of guests at Target. There wouldn’t be a Target without guests. But why do they treat our store worse than their homes? Seriously, who leaves a used diaper lying around?

I like helping guests find what they need; I’m just venting. I really shouldn’t care so much. All of my work won’t matter tomorrow anyway. More guests will come, and team members will make the store look good again. The cycle continues.


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