Stuck As A Child

I’m thinking about quitting my job at Target. The whole time I was working last night, I kept thinking about how I’m stuck in a rut. I’m waiting for something to happen, but there isn’t anything to wait for.

As much fun as my job is, I can’t let it hold me back. I’m not focused on my studying, my social life is nonexistent, and I’m not actively searching for “real” jobs. I like the money I’m getting, but it’s only useful for small luxuries, not for paying bills. I’m want to live on my own again, and I need a (much) better paying job for that.

I should leave Target, but I’m also scared of moving forward. Living at home with a menial job is safe but ultimately keeping me away from becoming an adult. I definitely won’t feel like I’m “all grown up” until I can stand on my own two feet.

I felt like an adult when I lived on my own in college and graduate school, but it was all an illusion. That life was temporary, and my parents paid for a lot of my expenses. I couldn’t stay in school forever (unless I teach, haha).

I know I need to make the jump from child to adult soon, but it’s still absolutely terrifying.

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One Response to “Stuck As A Child”

  1. Audrea Says:

    I know this sounds weird but I know exactly what you are talking about. There are two of us at my Target the have master’s degrees. We both have masters degrees in Psychology and I’m in hardlines and he is a GSTL.

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