Jimmy Hopkins

After yesterday’s brief awkward conversation at Borders, I relaxed by playing (and finally beating) Bully on Playstation 2. Bully is one of my favorite video games. The graphics and storyline are great, and the voice acting is hilarious. The gameplay is amazing too.

The story revolves around a teen boy named Jimmy Hopkins who is dropped off at boarding school when his sleazy mom marries a new man and goes on a very long honeymoon cruise. As the new kid, Jimmy tries to make a name for himself and, in the process, makes peace with all of the stereotypical high school factions (nerds, bullies, preppies, jocks, and greasers).

One small feature of the game is that Jimmy can kiss girls. Sometimes it’s even part of the storyline. Not only is kissing fun (and funny to watch), it also refills Jimmy’s health meter. While completely optional and not part of the story, Jimmy can kiss certain boys too. Most video games don’t include that!

The fact that Jimmy can kiss boys isn’t why I like Bully, but it’s definitely a plus. Nothing picks me up like seeing boys kiss each other. It’s hot. Here’s a video that came from an article at gaygamer.net:

Yay for boys virtually kissing boys!


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