Boys Make Me Awkward

I went to Borders today to study (I’m not allowed to study at Target on my day off). As I was leaving, I ran into the cute boy who works at Borders. I was walking downstairs as he was walking upstairs. This is how it went:

Cute Boy: (smiles) Hi.
Me: (smiles) Hi.
Cute Boy: (continuing to smile) How are you doing?
Me: Good, how are you?
Cute Boy: (behind me by now) Great, great. Really tired.
Me: Ohh… (trailing off)

After the encounter, I kicked myself (metaphorically) for not asking further questions or inviting him for coffee. This was the longest “conversation” I’ve had with him (besides our first meeting), so I should have tried to be more friendly and less awkward. Though in my defense, I was a little surprised that the dialogue went beyond the initial hi’s.

I’m so frustrated at myself for being incredibly awkward every single time I’m around cute gay boys. I have to find a way to work on that.


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