Dark Kingdom

A friend came over today to play video games. A week ago, we started playing Untold Legends: Dark Kingdom on Playstation 3. Untold Legends: Dark Kingdom is a hack-and-slash adventure game, a lot like Diablo but with better graphics, and it has a cooperative mode. We already played for a few hours last time, and for some reason, my friend wanted to beat the game this time around.

We didn’t finish the game. We did, however, play for twelve hours. The only break we had was to quickly eat dinner. I couldn’t believe we played for so long. I’m exhausted. At least we’re almost done with the game; we should only have another three or four hours left (which is relatively short in video game time).

I’m not sure why my friend was in such a rush to beat the game that we would sit and play for twelve hours in one day. I guess I could have stopped playing at any time, but I didn’t really want to tell him we should stop playing. He seemed so set on finishing.

Because he works days and I work nights, then he probably wants to make the most of the time we do spend together. I understand that, but we should’ve done something else in addition to playing video games. I like playing video games, but there’s a certain limit to how much I can play at one time. That limit is definitely less than twelve hours. Playing too much at once can make the game unenjoyable.

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2 Responses to “Dark Kingdom”

  1. Phuong Says:

    Hmm … Interesting

    I haven’t played this game but the preview looks good and the review for it is not bad. So either:
    a) he’s really addicted to the game.
    b) he didn’t know what else to do to maximize the time he can spend with you.

    Have you two ever done anything else besides video game? I mean something that you both enjoyed doing? I have a friend and that’s how we hung out: video game and movie … yes, I know it’s really sad …

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    […] house around 11am. He’s the same friend with whom I played Untold Legends: Dark Kingdom for twelve hours straight. So what did we do when he showed up today? We played the same game again, from 11am until […]

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