Studying Time

My studying isn’t going well. Because I work the evening shift at Target, I end up sleeping pretty late (like 3am) and then get up late the next morning. I loaf around, take my time drinking my morning coffee, and don’t really get ready for the day until the middle of the afternoon. As a result, I don’t study much before going to work (if I even get the motivation to study at all).

I didn’t get a chance to study today. By the time I was ready to go study for a couple hours before work, a friend unexpectedly dropped by to play video games. While it was fun to hang out (I don’t see many people these days), I’m wasting a lot of valuable time.

The next actuarial exam is in May, so I technically have a few months to study, but I keep getting surprised by how fast time is flying these days. How is it the middle of January already? While I’ve heard the next exam is easier than the first, I can’t underestimate it.

Today was my sixth consecutive day of work, and I have the next three days off. I already know my friends want to hang out this weekend (I rarely get the weekend off), but I’m feeling pretty guilty about not studying enough. My problem with time management is really frustrating me. I really want to make good on my New Year’s resolution.


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