Coming To Terms

I’ve been reading a new blog called Coming To Terms With “IT”. The author is a guy in his early twenties who recently admit to himself that he’s gay and is starting the coming out process.

Reading through his posts, I see a lot of myself (but his blog is written more eloquently than mine). I’ve asked the same questions and felt the same feelings. My thoughts and concerns about gay sex are identical to his, even though I “officially” came out nearly seven years ago.

My own coming out process has been very slow, and I’ve had little support from the gay community. It’s my own fault, though. When I came out in college, I didn’t actively seek out gay clubs or try to connect with other gay people. I felt guilty about being gay (I still do sometimes, but less often), and I was scared about being identified as gay.

I’ve always had a lot of (straight) friends, but I still felt very alone in my feelings for a long time. I wish I had a blog years ago so I could have connected with the online gay community the way that the blog’s author has.

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  1. simpleHOTboy Says:

    I felt same way…

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