Pirates And Mermaids

Since I don’t have much to say today (days off from work are boring), I thought I would post a couple commercials I saw recently. The commercials are for Clorox, oddly enough, but the music is fantastic and the concept is cute. I really like them, especially the first one.

If anyone is interested, the music is (rumored to be) called “The Pirate And The Mermaid.” It was composed specifically for the commercials by H. Scott Salinas and Francois-Paul Aiche. I have yet to find a full version of the song at a high quality, if it even exists. For now, I just keep repeating the commercials on YouTube.


6 Responses to “Pirates And Mermaids”

  1. Phuong Says:

    LOL, I like the commercial – well, only the first link worked. Once you find that score, could you let me know? I’ll post another comment if I manage to find the song.

  2. normalboy Says:

    I found another link to the mermaid commercial that works (for now). I hate it when videos go offline from YouTube. Thanks for letting me know!

  3. TheBlueSkyProject Says:

    Music from these commercials are available in extended versions on the new charity album, THE BLUE SKY PROJECT. It’s available on itunes, cdbaby, and other sites.

    The album benefits a charity called Music In Schools Today (mustcreate.org), a program that supports music programs for young kids in public schools.

    “Mermaid” & “Pirates”- from the commercials above, were composed by H. Scott Salinas and Francois-Paul Aiche

    We put out the album for the charity, and because of the online support and requests. We hope you like it. Thank you. Here are the links:



  4. jjdsl Says:

    Is it me, or do the samples of the song(s) feel a little too embellished? I want the songs just as they are featured in the commercials.

  5. jj Says:

    Here is the link you need. I too fell in love with this music. This is the actual music from the writers/composer.


  6. ironclownfish Says:

    I’ve always wanted to be a composer, but I can’t decide if it’s the right career for me. I would give anything to be able to write something like these.

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