I saw a celebrity at work today! Well, he’s not that big of a celebrity, since most people probably have never heard of him, but I certainly have!

I was zoning my little area when I saw this incredibly cute/hot guy standing there, looking at something on a shelf. Since it’s part of my job, I asked him the obligatory “Can I help you find something?” He looked straight at me and said “no thanks.” When I saw his face directly, I recognized him immediately as Matt Lanter.

For those of you who don’t know, Matt Lanter played the son of Geena Davis’ character (she played the president) in the short-lived show Commander in Chief. More importantly, he was also on a reality show called Manhunt: The Search for America’s Most Gorgeous Male Model. While he didn’t win, I always thought he was the best looking model on the show.

I can’t decide whether he’s cute or hot, so I’ll just say he’s cute/hot. You can decide for yourself:

Matt Lanter

There are more pictures here.

I thought about saying something like “You’re Matt Lanter, aren’t you?” but I chickened out. Not only was I working, but I also didn’t have my camera with me. Moreover, I’m sure he didn’t want to be bothered while shopping at Target.

After our exchange, I went back to doing my job (silently muttering to myself in disbelief), and he went about his business. Even though it wasn’t a formal meeting or anything, I still met Matt Lanter! Yay for meeting cute/hot celebrities at work!


16 Responses to “Cute/Hot”

  1. Josh Davis Allison Says:

    you are awesome! I think you are very adorable.

  2. vishaal Says:

    i’d have to say ‘cute’ now because of the youthful lack of muscles, but because of the good bone structure and symmetry, ‘hot’ when he’s older and grows into his frame

    … in my totally heterosexual opinion.

  3. V.E.G Says:

    Matt Lanter is related to the families of Lanter, Landrum, Landum, O’Landrum and so on. Also, O’Landrum (the forefather of the Lanters) has a child with an African-American woman Jane Driggers! Jane is the daughter of Emmanuel and Frances Rodriguez, best known as Emmanuel and Frances Driggers, and therefore, Matt Lanter is part African-American!

    • Willie Says:

      Your history is all wrong. The Lanters are not part of the O’Landrum, and Jane Driggers was not part of the Lanter Family. Lanters are French/German, coming to America in the early 1700’s.

  4. Emily Says:

    Hott. end of story. 😉

  5. Ricardo Says:

    I can’t say just cute or hot.Hi’s is an amazing boy.Adorable.I don’t know to say when the topic of conversation is Matt Lanter ’cause hi’s all:body,face,beauty

  6. Justin Says:

    mmmm……Yummy……but…….does he has a brain?…….well,who cares……..I would do him in a very baaaaaad……way……..and teach him a few things while he is shakin’ his cute tight asssss…………

  7. michael Says:

    he is definately gorgeous, oh how i would love to get on that.

  8. Noon Says:

    holy shit he is soooooo fukin hot
    he is one of the most hotest dude ive seen
    nd he is also cute

  9. Jeff Says:

    I think lanter is cute, but YOU are so much more hot than he is. I’m new to your Normal Boy (u are way more then normal), could you please tell me more about your site?

  10. normalboy Says:

    *blush* Thanks Jeff! Not much to say about my site, I think. It’s kinda self explanatory…

    If you have specific questions for me, you can always email me.
    normalboy.wordpress (at)

  11. RRR Says:

    I think he’s the most handsome and lovely person in the world

  12. Miaka Says:

    You are my crush, really… I like your eyes and lips… You are sexy and handsome… I like your role in The Cutting Edge3: Chasing Dreams, you got chemistry with Francia Raisa…

  13. Miaka Says:

    He is really handsome and hunk… I love him…

  14. annaeh89 Says:

    Well,aren’t you a lucky one?! Unfortunately,I live in a country where celebrity is pretty much however shows on TV,without even having a personality.
    I find myself in the same situation as you.Can’t really decide on cute or hot.
    For example,if you watched The Cutting Edge:Chasing Your Dream,you can say that he was cute.He had that sensitivity in his eyes.Then,if you take his first appearances in 90210,he is definitely hot.
    So it’s hard to decide,but he is a good looking guy(to say the least).

  15. Sara O.Q. Says:

    OMGGG i cnt believee you met Matt lanterrr 0_0 !! thts so fkkn kwl !! i wish i didddd ='( and i cnt believe u dint say anyyything, i prolly wouldve yelled or went crazy or smthing haha 😛 the guy is soo fucking hottt… not just his body or face, but who he is too!
    i love him!!! I love youu Matt Lanterr marry me!
    ( imagine he sees this haha ;P that would be funny but embarrassing lol)

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