I Get To Stay

I got a call from one the LODs (leaders-on-duty) today a few hours before my shift. She said that she forgot to put me on the schedule for next week and scheduled four five-hour closing shifts for me. She also gave me four five-hour closing shifts for the following week too.

The schedule she gave me works out very well for me. I get to work at Target part-time while studying and/or running errands during the day! This is the exact situation I wanted. The only downside is that my evenings on weekends will mostly be spent working, which means I can’t hang out with my friends too much. It’s okay, though. Maybe I can convince my friends to hang out during the daytime on weekends.

I don’t know whether the LOD actually forgot to schedule me or my team leader vouched for me and asked the LOD the keep me. I talked to my team leader at length last week about how much I like Target and how much I wanted to stay, even if I had reduced hours (which turns out to be much better for me anyway). I do know that my team leader talked to her, but I don’t know if she had originally planned to keep me or not. It doesn’t really matter, though. The result is the same – I get to stay!


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