Math Is Fun

About a week ago, I had coffee with some old friends after work. One of my friends is in college and was majoring in math for a couple years until he took a course in complex analysis. Since neither of us is in the math field anymore, we reminisced a little. My friend asked me questions, and I was surprised that I still knew the answers.

I love talking about math (I’m a huge nerd). Undergraduate math is really fun for me because I know it pretty well, and it’s not as difficult to get an intuitive understanding as graduate math.

Now that I’m not in academia anymore, I sometimes wonder whether I should have majored in something else in college. Maybe if I didn’t pursue a master’s degree, I could have started a career earlier and be well established by now. But when I talk about math again, I know I made the right decision in learning as much math as I did.

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