My Destiny

Usually around the middle of the week, the schedule for the next week is released for all of the team members to see when we need to work. This week, the schedule for two weeks from now was also released. Knowing that a few of my fellow team members were already called into the Human Resources office and were “let go,” I was anxious to see what my schedule was going to be. Surprisingly, I wasn’t assigned any hours.

I thought Target would want me to stay, since I show up for all of my shifts on time and I’m doing really well at what I do (even doing extra when necessary). I asked my team leader what the criteria for becoming permanent are, and he said there are three things, in order of importance: how often you’re on time to work, how well you do at your job, and how long you’ve been working at Target. I easily have the first two criteria covered, but I’ve only been working at Target for a few weeks. My work friend is staying; he’s been late a couple of times, but he’s amazing at his job and he’s been with Target since October.

My team leader said that I’m not “let go” until the Human Resources office calls me in, so maybe the schedule for two weeks from now isn’t set in stone yet (but I doubt that’s the case). He said that there were a lot of people he wanted to keep, but there just aren’t enough hours to go around after the holiday season is over.

The leaders-on-duty (LODs) are the ones who make the decisions on who stays and who leaves, so my team leader didn’t get final say. If I am actually “let go,” my team leader said that I can reapply when they hire again in March. He would make sure to be the one to interview me so that I would have a much higher chance of being rehired.

I’ve been having a hard time deciding how long I wanted to stay at Target. I love my job (even though it’s exhausting), and my fellow team members are great. I would have felt bad if they asked me to stay and I left after a month. I didn’t want to let them down.

In the end, the decision was made for me. I felt rejected at first, but I think everything will turn out for the best. After I finish my time with Target, I can finally return to studying for the next actuarial exam. It’s clear that my destiny does not lie with Target. Despite that, I think working at Target was one of the best experiences I’ve ever had.


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