Substitute Cart Attendant

I’m so exhausted. I was assigned to be a substitute cart attendant (the person who brings shopping carts in from the parking lot) for the first two hours of my shift and then again for half an hour toward the end. Since I’m not usually the cart attendant, I didn’t have access to the little machine that can maneuver twenty carts in a line at a time. I had to push three or four carts at a time manually. Our parking lot is really big, so I did a lot of running and a lot of pushing and pulling.

After I had done the first two hours of cart attending, I went back to my original assignment of putting things back on shelves in the seasonal department. Less than twenty minutes later, one of my supervisors asked me to move a few (like ten) large boxes of Christmas trees from the floor to the shelves so he could put new items out for sale. The boxes actually had “Team Lift” stickers on them, which means they are meant to be lifted with two people. While the boxes weren’t too heavy for me, I still needed to use a lot of physical strength, adding to my exhaustion. I’m not sure how I made it through the rest of the day (though I did drink a Red Bull during my lunch break).

Meanwhile, all of this physical labor is taking a toll on my hands. I’ve always had fairly soft, smooth hands, but now they are becoming rough and dry. I love my job and I’m having a lot of fun, but my hands are paying the price.

The good news is that while I was pushing carts in from the parking lot, my work friend drove up. We chatted for a little while, and then he went into the mall to get a coffee before his shift started while I continued pushing carts. For my first break, I went into the mall to find my work friend. We chatted more while walking back to Target. I found out that he’s 19 years old (I’m pretty sure his birthday is coming up though) and goes to college. He hasn’t decided yet on whether to continue working at Target after the holiday season (not that his decision will affect mine…).

Once we walked back to Target, we picked up our paychecks. I got my first paycheck from Target! It’s only one week’s worth of work, but it was still great to see the fruits of my labor (as meager as it is). My work friend mentioned that he doesn’t like it when people talk about how much money they make, but then he told me how much he made and asked how much I did. We make the same hourly wage (since we do the same job), but his paycheck included two weeks worth of work. I also got a Christmas card from all of the team leaders (my supervisors), which was really nice. All of the team members got one, but it’s still a nice gesture.


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