Closing And Zoning

I wasn’t supposed to go into work today, but my supervisors asked me last night if I could work. I like working, and my schedule for today was flexible, so I said yes. My shift was the closing shift, so I didn’t have to report to work until late afternoon.

A (girl) friend and I went shopping in the morning before my shift. We went to the mall attached to my Target so that I could go to work right away afterwards, thereby maximizing our hanging out time. My friend got a lot of items on her Christmas shopping list, but I didn’t find anything.

After we had lunch, I bought a coffee at the Starbucks inside Target. We then walked around Target for a little while. Knowing that my work friend was working the morning shift, I went to the toy department and said hi to him. He said hi back and asked if he could have some of my coffee. He took off the lid and drank some, commenting on how strong it was (I drink it black). I later found out that he had gone to a party last night and only got two hours of sleep before work.

Working the closing shift was brutal. I was assigned to the toy department all evening. This time of year, the toy department gets ravaged by throngs of guests looking for last minute gifts. Absolutely insane. Not only did I have to restock the shelves with items that were misplaced or returned, but I also had to reposition the toys on the shelves so that the aisles look presentable and filled. The repositioning is called “zoning.” My shift overlapped with my friend’s shift for about an hour, so he actually taught me how to zone the toy aisles (another way to let us work together).

Zoning while the store is still open is very frustrating. The shelves I fix up nicely become messed up again after guests comb through them. When the store closes, I don’t have to worry about guests, but then I’m left with aisles and aisles of messy shelves to zone. My shift ended only an hour after the store closed, so I had to work really fast. I’m pretty sure I didn’t finish zoning the aisles that I was assigned, but I’m not allowed to work overtime to finish. It was stressful and tiring, but it was kind of fun too.

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