Sharing A Twix

I made a friend at work today! Actually, I helped him move some toys around a couple days ago, but I didn’t see him again until today. He’s really helpful to me and to the guests. We do the hand-slapping thing that friends do when he sees me. I like little gestures like that.

My new friend looks pretty young. Considering how many hours he works, I don’t think he’s under 18 (child labor laws), but he can’t possibly be much older than 18 either. Even though I’m older than him, I look up to him, since he has seniority over me at Target. I asked him a few times today for help on locating items for our guests.

We starting work today at different times, so our breaks are on different schedules. Toward the end of his lunch break, I took my second fifteen minute break of the day. I went to the break lounge and saw that he was sitting there eating a Snickers bar with a Twix waiting to be opened. I jokingly asked if that was his lunch. He said he had already eaten his lunch (it was actually dinnertime) and that the chocolate was his snack. He then offered some of the Twix to me! We chatted for a few minutes before his lunch break was over. It was really nice.

I sometimes feel a mild attraction to people (boys) I look up to. The feeling is sometimes confused with a crush. I try to spend more time with them and sometimes go out of my way to see them. I found myself trying to stick around the toy department as much as possible today so that my new friend and I could work together. We make a good team (no subtext here). I think I’m just glad to have a friend at work. I certainly don’t expect “more” to happen between us, but I would like us to become better friends.


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