Joining The Workforce

I’ve been really tired lately, especially the last few days. I had no energy all day today, even after drinking my usual coffee. Like I said in my post a couple days ago, being bored is tiring. Since I didn’t have to work or study all last week, I could be tired from doing nothing. It’s weird though, isn’t it? Being tired from doing too much is similar to being tired from doing too little.

My orientation for Target is tomorrow evening. I hope working will energize me. They haven’t quite told me yet what kind of job I will have. All I know is that I applied for the sales floor/cashier position. Certainly working as a cashier is understood, but what does a sales floor person do? Am I the guy who puts the products on the shelves and makes sure all the labels face forward? Or maybe I’m the guy who asks customers if they need help and points them to where they want to go. I guess I’ll find out tomorrow. I’m a little excited. I’m joining the workforce!

Something that I might find hard to do is appear happy the whole time I’m working. I’m sure I won’t mind the work that much, but being cheery and courteous to every customer must be tiring. Smiling can hurt if you have to do it for hours. There will be a whole lot of customers too, considering it’s the holiday season. Target will be full with Christmas shoppers frantically looking for last minute gifts. It’s going to be crazy.

Since I haven’t really started my Christmas shopping (waiting for my employee discount), I’m also going to be one of those frantic Christmas shoppers during my time off. I won’t really need to bother any of the Target employees though. I would already know where everything is in the store!


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