Being Bored Is Tiring

I’m really tired, and it’s because my parents kept me out too late.

My parents visit my grandfather almost every weekend so that he can get out of his house at least once a week. I still don’t understand why my grandfather refuses to live with us and prefers to live with his oldest son (my uncle) rather than his oldest child (my mom). It’s definitely a traditional Chinese mindset. My uncle doesn’t have time to take him out walking anywhere, so he mostly just shuffles around in the stuffy house all week until my parents visit. Most days he doesn’t even open the curtains for some sunlight. It’s pretty depressing.

I went with my parents to visit my grandfather today. My grandfather lives 60 miles away, so it’s a tiring drive whether I’m the one driving or not. While we were hanging out with my grandfather, we didn’t do anything too exhausting, but we were out and about for hours and hours. We took my grandfather out to a couple Chinese markets and out to dinner at a Chinese restaurant. For some reason, going to Chinese markets is incredibly boring and tiring for me. I guess I’m just not interested in anything the markets sell. At least the food at dinner was pretty good.

Anyway. Being bored all day is very tiring. My parents like to get home late too, since that means spending as much time with my grandfather as possible. I understand that; I’m just completely spent at the end of the day, even though all I did was follow my parents and grandfather around.

It might sound like I’m complaining, but I’m not. I won’t get much chance to hang out with my parents on weekends once I start working and studying, so that’s why I decided to go with my parents today. It’s nice to see my grandfather too, even though I don’t speak enough Mandarin to communicate with him.

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  1. Amy Says:

    I’m reading a book that I think you’d like. it’s called “A short history of a prince” by Jane Hamilton. It has a lot of the themes of the world of normal boys… Anyways, if you’re bored, you should check it out.

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