College Essays

My cousin asked for my help with his college essay tonight. His college applications are due at the end of the week. His essay was pretty creative. He made something seemingly dirty and useless into a metaphor for his family’s struggles. It was an interesting concept, but the metaphor needed strengthening. The metaphor needed clarification, and some examples were difficult to connect with the metaphor. I made some suggestions, but he didn’t use all of them. He wanted to be done with the essay tonight, so he didn’t make as many changes as I think were necessary to make a solid essay.

At least my cousin didn’t ask me to write the essay for him. I helped a different cousin with her college essay a couple of years ago. She asked me for help about an hour before the deadline. Her essay was long and rambling without really saying anything. I ended up asking her a few questions to get a sense of what she wanted to say, and then I wrote a new essay for her in twenty minutes. She ended up using my version of the essay. I’m sure there are more factors in getting into college than just the essay, but she got into the college where she is now!


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