Thanksgiving Graduation

Graduation was fun. The ceremony was pretty short; it only took about an hour. The pictures my friends took of the ceremony are not very good, but it’s completely the fault of the distance from the stage and the lighting of the auditorium. I guess my camera takes some blame as well, since I chose a smaller, cuter camera over a more powerful camera that could take professional pictures by having much more zoom and stronger flash. I did get some good pictures of me with my friends after the ceremony, so it’s not a big deal. I also had the obligatory professional graduation photos taken so that my parents can buy them and feel less guilty for not coming to my graduation.

Today is also (American) Thanksgiving. It’s just another day in Canada (I’m pretty sure schools in the US don’t hold graduation ceremonies on Thanksgiving), so it’s hard to find a good turkey dinner. Instead, my friends and I went to Swiss Chalet for dinner. For the last three years (this year makes four), I have gone to Swiss Chalet on American Thanksgiving. During the holidays, they offer a “Festive Special,” which upgrades the usual “Quarter Chicken Dinner” with stuffing, cranberry sauce, and a small box of chocolate truffles. Even though I didn’t get turkey, chicken is almost the same, and the stuffing is my favorite part of the Thanksgiving meal anyway.


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