Megapixels Aren’t Enough

I walked around more of the city today (different parts from where I walked a couple days ago) to take pictures, but I didn’t like the majority of pictures that I took. I’m not sure if it’s me or my new camera, but many of the pictures just don’t seem sharp enough. The pictures usually look fine on the LCD screen on the camera, but viewing the full size on my computer is sometimes blurry, or at least not as crisp as it “should” look.

Not that I really know what the pictures “should” look like up close. I’ve never had a camera will so many megapixels before, so I don’t really know what I should be expecting. But at 12.1 megapixels, I should be able to make a very large print and not see much blurriness. Even if the picture looks good as a 4×6 or even 8×10 print, I still feel like my picture quality should be high enough to give me the option of printing larger.

I did like the pictures I took a couple days ago though. On that day, I mostly took pictures of buildings and other still objects. The difference today was that I was taking pictures of animals (which move a lot, often very quickly). I guess I’m just not good at taking pictures of objects that move.

So maybe it’s not my camera that is causing my pictures to be blurry. Maybe it’s my poor picture taking skills. All those megapixels aren’t enough to make up for my lack of skill.

My graduation is tomorrow, so I hope my friends can take better pictures with my camera than I can. I’m sure my family would be pretty upset if I didn’t have really nice pictures to show them.


One Response to “Megapixels Aren’t Enough”

  1. miguev Says:

    Hey, try disabling AF and focusing by hand, it’s harder but when subjects move you need a predictive and really smart AF and only you can do it, DSLR processors are not (yet) as smart as you can be when it comes to predict when is the little kid going to turn around.

    Hard to believe? Look at this example:
    We were walking on the country side, talking and laughing and suddenly she turned around and I shot… but I had focused before she had turned. Yes, you need to guess it, leave you instinct act… it’s not costing you money with a DSLR anyway 😉 (I did it with film).

    Anyhow, enjoy your camera and have plenty of fun!
    And congratulations for your graduation!

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