It’s Only Been Four Months

The whole plane flight felt surreal. But once I got off the plane and was walking toward customs, I started smiling to myself because I was so excited. I couldn’t believe I was back.

I never realized how much I missed this city and how much I missed Canada. I could almost taste Tim Hortons coffee today when I saw the logo while walking through the airport. I’m totally going to Tim Hortons while I’m here.

On the cab ride to my friend’s apartment (where I’m staying), the city was overcast and rainy, but it looked peaceful and beautiful to me. While I lived here, a day like this would have just seemed dreary and depressing. It’s amazing what time away can do for perspective.

Seeing some of the places around where I used to live, not much has changed. I guess I only left four months ago. Four months seems like an eternity when I’m gone, but now that I’m back it feels like nothing.


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