I Just Wanted To Relax

I went to the gym today. I didn’t really feel like going, but that’s often the best time for me to go. Working out put me in a better mood, so it was a good thing that I went.

I did my usual routine at the gym, including a nice relaxing sit in the steam room at the end of my workout. At some point, a fairly muscular guy wearing swim trunks came into the steam room. I didn’t really pay attention to him; I was just trying to sweat out some stress.

After I left the steam room, I took a quick shower. As I was drying off, the same guy went into the shower stall directly across from mine. He lowered his trunks half way and started soaping up his private bits while looking at me the whole time. I tried to avert my eyes as much as possible, but he kept showing himself off to me. Luckily, someone walked by, so he closed the shower curtain and turned on the water.

I left the shower area as quick as I could and continued to dry off at the sink area. I heard the creepy guy’s shower turn off, and then he walked over to where I was. He was still wearing his swim trunks. He stuck out his hand and said hi. I nervously smiled back and shook his hand. He then walked back toward the showers, grazing his hand on my butt while he passed behind me. He went to the nearest shower stall to me and gestured that I should join him. I shook my head no, but he gestured again. Another person walked by, so he again closed the shower curtain, at which time I hightailed it back to my locker.

Of course, the creepy guy found me. He told me to meet him in the sauna (which is next to the steam room). I made an excuse and said I couldn’t because I had to get home. He asked if I wanted to meet him outside. I told him no. He again told me to meet him in the sauna, and then he walked off, expecting me to follow. I started getting dressed instead, but he came back and kept walking back and forth, looking at me. I tried my best to ignore him and go about my business.

Eventually, he got the hint and gave up pursuing me. I must have bad luck, because the creepy guy’s locker was right across from mine. He took out his bag from his locker, moved things around, and then put the bag back in his locker. When he had put his lock back on the locker, he said “see you next time” and then went back to the steam room area. After that, I left the gym and quickly walked back to my car.

So creepy. I’m a little confused as to why he even targeted me at all. There must have been a reason why he was so bold in making his intentions known. I wonder if I accidentally gave off some sort of gay vibe. I honestly was just trying to relax in the steam room. I definitely didn’t want to attract any attention from creepy guys.


One Response to “I Just Wanted To Relax”

  1. trev Says:

    he probably like str8 guys haha

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