The Problem With Nice Guys

I was talking to a friend online last night. Like me, he is starting to try out online dating. He’s finding it hard to meet girls the old fashioned way. My friend is a really nice guy, but that’s actually his main problem in finding a girlfriend. He always turns into the “nice guy friend.” This brings up a question I’ve always wondered about. How does a nice guy friend make the leap to boyfriend material?

The benefit of online dating is that the intentions are known from the beginning; both sides are looking for someone to date. True, one could still fall into the “friend” trap, but there is always that initial consideration as a potential dating partner.

I think the hardest situation is when you’re interested in a friend, especially a good friend. If you meet someone randomly at a social event or something, it’s pretty difficult to make intentions clear, but at least you’re not in the “friend” category just yet. If you’re already in the “friend” zone, it seems almost impossible to break out of it and start a relationship. I know that it happens; I have friends who got together after being friends first. But how do they do it? What’s the secret?


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