Cute Little Vaio

I didn’t have much chance to research laptops, because my brother already did his own research and decided on a new laptop. Guess what brand? A Sony! The model he chose is the Vaio SZ series, which I already know a little bit about because a friend of mine had previously looked into that series. The Vaio SZ has a 13.3 inch widescreen display and weighs less than four pounds, due to its light carbon fiber casing. My brother is opting for 2GB of RAM and an 80GB hard drive.

His old laptop (which is the same series as my current laptop) was a Vaio TR. The Vaio TR was the smallest and cutest laptop on the market at the time. Sony has since released the Vaio TX and currently the Vaio TZ series. The TZ series is smaller and lighter than the SZ series, but the SZ is a bit more powerful.

If I get a new laptop, I probably would choose the TZ series. I’m not sure, though, if I want a laptop or a desktop as my next computer. For the same price, a desktop is much more powerful than a laptop. If I get a job that has very few travel opportunities, a desktop would make sense because I wouldn’t be taking my computer anywhere. As a student, I studied from home and school, so I transported my laptop a lot. Once I have a job, there won’t be as much need to transport my computer back and forth. On the other hand, a laptop gives me the flexibility of portability if I ever need it. In the end, I guess it will depend on what kind of job I get.

No matter what, my next computer will almost certainly be a Sony.


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