Sooner Or Later

My online dating guy wants to meet. I’ve never had a date while I was living at home before (the stranger from the mall excluded), so explaining a boy at my front door who my parents have never heard of has never been an issue. My parents not believing that I’m gay has been fairly easy on all of us because of my lack of dating and relationships. As long as I’m single with no prospects, I can still be “straight.” But what if my online dating guy ends up becoming more serious? The charade can’t last forever.

My coming out to them (properly) seems pretty inevitable. I want to have a decent job and be living at my own place when I come out to them, but I may not get what I want. If things go well with this online dating guy (hypothetically of course), I might have to come out much sooner than I was expecting. Scary on so many levels.

My parents only want me to be happy, right? I wonder if that’s enough to overcome family pride.

You’d think my parents would know by now. I used to help my grandmother pick out clothes when I was two years old, and my mom still asks me for fashion advice. Now that I’m also interested in cosmetology, my mom also asks me for skincare advice. That’s pretty gay.


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