Double Eyelids

Since I was born, I have had “single eyelids.” That’s what Asian cultures often call them. I’m not sure of the scientific name, although they might be called epicanthal folds. My parents have always told me that having “double eyelids” looks better and that most Westerners (Caucasians) have double eyelids. Asians prefer the double eyelid so much that there’s even a cosmetic procedure to get double eyelids (my eyes are like the “before” pictures)! And yet, most Westerners I know don’t see or notice a difference. I think the obsession is completely an Asian thing. Here is someone who has also dealt with family/cultural pressure because of having single eyelids.

As a child, I would sometimes wake up with double eyelids on one or both of my eyes, but they would go away after a few minutes. Whenever I was sick or exceedingly tired, I would get double eyelids as well. For about a year during college, I had one single eyelid and one double eyelid. I thought the double eyelid would never go away.

My dad has had double eyelids his whole life. My mom, on the other hand, had single eyelids until she turned 25 and then gradually got double eyelids naturally. The double/single eyelids seem to be genetic (maybe). Over the last few years, I’ve noticed that my brother has been gradually getting his double eyelids. Just this week, I noticed that I am getting them now too, probably because I reached the magic age of 25 about a month ago.

Personally, I liked my eyelids the way they were. Every time I would get the temporary double eyelids as a kid, I would hate them. I thought they looked hideous on me, but my parents were thrilled and wished they’d stay forever. My parents foretold that I would eventually get them permanently. Now it’s finally happening.

The gradual (and inevitable) change in my eyelids is easier to take than when I was a kid and got “full blown” double eyelids instantly. I still think they’re going to look really weird on me, but there’s no surgery (that I know of) to change double eyelids to single ones (since everyone wants the other way around). What would bother me more is if people think I had surgery to get double eyelids, as I’m one of the “lucky” few who grow into them without surgery.


10 Responses to “Double Eyelids”

  1. cheekyseeky Says:

    interesting story!
    i’m doing research about the eyelid thingy since yesterday (why people want them ans stuff). i never knew, though i am asian, how big of a deal this double eyelid thing is.
    i was born with double eyelid and now i’m kind of embarrassed.. like you, i feel like people will think i have gotten surgery on my eyes to get the double lids *blush..

  2. k-k-kimchi Says:

    ohhh man…i’ve had one double eyelid, one single for a whole day now =( it looks so weird…but every woman in my korean family has it. and my grandma had one double, one single for a decade. nooooooooooooooo :C

  3. DeeDee Says:

    oh….you are exactly the same as me. I just turned 25 and begin to realize that I have a permanent double eyelid on one eye. Another one starts having a crease but doesn’t form nicely. So I wonder if it’s just me who has this. It’s like many people have got this magic too 🙂

  4. ตาสองชั้น « Simple & Clean Says:

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  5. Diana Says:

    I was just searching spontaneous double eyelids because it just happened to meeee! I woke up 2 days ago with double eyelids on both eyes! I was just wondering if yours stayed? I really hope mine will!

  6. Lisa Says:

    hey.. yeh ME TOO! well im 17.. and i had double eyelids wen i was a lil girl.. and sometimes i have single eyelids (SE).. and now im back to double and hope is STAYS like taht. right now.. i have double eyelids (DE) .. but they still look chinky if u noe wat i mean haha.. and alot of south eastern asians have DE esp filoz.. they have BEAUTIFUL eyes. out of the thousand customers ive served. only abt 1/20 filoz have chinkii eyes.
    if u want to take a look.. this is me with DE (im onda left)
    and this is me with SE (u cant reli c tho… its kinda small]
    hope this gives a lil insight to ppl

  7. Christine Says:

    Thank you for posting this up! I thought I was the only one. I’m in my teens and ever since I hit high school, I’ve had permanent double eyelids. They sometimes go away (if I don’t get enough sleep or something) and go back to monolids, but 90% of the time, they’re double. It’s great! I hate people who think I got the surgery to get double eyelids. Like you, I also grew into them too.
    It’s great to know I’m not the only one out there (:

  8. NAT Says:

    HI STRANGER IM JUST BORED. haha i can change them on my own naturally, whenever i want, without tape

  9. Christine Says:

    Oh my gosh, me too! I use my fingers to do it and can either make it a small double eyelid or a big one. What about you?

  10. anonymous Says:

    i can totally relate your story to mine, except i enjoy having double eyelids. as a child, i had single eyelid as well. however, whenever i was sick, i would get double eyelids. today, i woke up and found out that my left eye has double eyelids. i was greatly intrigued, so i decided to do some research. And thats how i came across your post XD

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