Creepy Old Guys

I went to the gym today after studying at Starbucks. A common tale these days. I didn’t swim today; I did some light weights and cardio instead. A little bit of balance might speed things up. Who knows. I have horrible stamina on the treadmill though. I only ran for ten minutes! I definitely have to keep at it to work up to a reasonable time.

After my workout, I sat around in the steam room inside the men’s locker room to sweat out some stress and relax. A little while after I went in, this guy, probably in his late thirties, came in and sat down on his towel. We both were naked (I think clothes in the steam room is restrictive), and he kept eyeing me. I tried not to pay attention to him, but he just kept staring. I could “tell” he liked what he saw. Ew. If I thought he was cute or hot, maybe I would think it was flattering, but he was so not either. He was just creepy.

The steam room must’ve been too hot for him (temperature-wise), so he left and went into the dry sauna next door. As he opened the sauna door to enter, he looked in my direction through the glass of the steam room door, hoping I would follow him. I didn’t. When I had had enough of the steam room, I took a shower with the intent of getting dressed and leaving right away. As I stepped out of the shower, the same guy walked slowly passed me, unabashedly looked at my private goods, and kept walking.

This isn’t the first time this sort of scenario has happened to me in the locker room at the gym. More than once I’ve seen this creepy fat guy who wears briefs in the steam room. He likes to feel himself through the briefs while watching me sit there. When those briefs are soaked by the moisture in the steam room, it leaves very little to the imagination.

Sometimes there are cute, younger guys in the locker room too. Because I am a boy who likes boys, I admit I do occasionally look. Mostly I admire their bodies, wishing I had abs or a build like theirs (especially swimmers). I’m really afraid that I’m going to turn into one of those creepy old guys who sits around the steam room eyeing the young guys and making them feel like meat. I definitely don’t want to perpetuate the stereotype that gay people are perverted and horny all the time.


2 Responses to “Creepy Old Guys”

  1. ian Says:

    for a “normal ” guy you sure do attract and are interested in the going ons of creepy guys…stop looking and giving them signals for gods sake….1111

  2. mike Says:

    They’re disgusting. And incredibly hard to avoid. They travel in packs and eye all of the young guys. It creeps me out. I just want to rest in the steam room/sauna. But no, they just keep eyeing me, smiling at me and following me around. They have no class. They should just go back to the Bathhouses if that’s what they want.

    To all creepy old gay men..
    Stay out of the gym!!!!!!

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