Coffee Snobbery

I’m in the market for a coffee maker. It would be great to have coffee ready for me when I wake up so I don’t have to deal with preparing and waiting in the morning when I’m groggy. Usually I just buy my coffee from a coffee shop once I’m already out the door, but making coffee at home is much more economical. There are other things I could buy with that money (like a new camera). I do have a 1-cup drip cup, but I like to drink two cups worth of coffee, and that would take too long with the little drip cup. I’m spoiled by the 16oz. size from coffee shops.

I was going to buy a cute programmable 4-cup coffee maker by Mr. Coffee at Target today, but they were out of stock for the model I wanted. When I got home, I did some research on coffee makers. The reviewers at CoffeeGeek don’t seem to like the temperature of the coffee from any of the models by Mr. Coffee. They also REALLY don’t like the idea of putting ground coffee into the machine the night before so that I can have coffee made for me in the morning. They think that coffee should only be made with coffee beans that have been ground right before making it. On the other hand, the reviews at are stellar.

I’m pretty sure I’m not a coffee connoisseur. I drink my coffee black, so I don’t really like instant coffee, but I still don’t think it’s quite necessary to grind my coffee right before making it. I hope I don’t get to be that snobby about my coffee, because that would make drinking acceptable coffee much more difficult. I’m picky enough as it is in other respects. For example, I don’t like eating leftovers. That’s already hard enough to deal with.


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