I Want A Swimmer’s Body

I’m trying to update this blog at least once a day. It hasn’t even been a week and it’s already pretty difficult. I can’t think of anything witty or interesting to write. Sometimes I come up with an idea during the day and jot down the idea on a piece of paper, but when it comes time to write, I can’t find the right words. To make matters worse, I’m usually studying all day and then trying to update at night when I’m already tired. Today I went for a swim at the gym after studying at Starbucks all day so I’m extra tired. It was a good swim though, my second time this week.

Swimmers have BY FAR the hottest bodies. I’m trying to get a swimmer’s body (pun sort of intended) so that guys will ogle me (the way that I ogle them). I wonder if swimmers do other exercises besides swimming to achieve their perfect figures. I’m not in bad shape, especially having lost 20 pounds that I had gained in my last two years of college (those were some good times), but I could still stand to lose more. Especially in the belly and upper leg regions. I figure swimming is a great way to work out lots of different parts of the body, and it’s not as boring or as hard on your knees as running on a treadmill.

I’ve always liked swimming. When I was still a toddler, I watched my brother swimming in a pool and got so excited that I jumped in too. My dad freaked out and jumped in after me, though I was doing fine on my own! I guess my love of swimming stuck. Strange as it sounds, the smell of chlorine in swimming pools is always very comforting to me. Meanwhile, I don’t really like swimming in the ocean. It’s so dirty and salty, and the beach is full of sand that gets everywhere! I like the beach view, but I’m not a fan of walking on the beach.


29 Responses to “I Want A Swimmer’s Body”

  1. april92 Says:

    “I’m trying to get a swimmer’s body..”

    Nice one, made me laugh!

    Apparently swimming is a good sport because it tones your whole body.

    (Sorry, I don’t know you but I thought that was pretty funny. I’m April; nice to meet you.)

  2. April Says:

    someone once told me i have a body like a swimmer.
    is that good or bad?
    they said i have “broad” shoulders.
    is THAT good or bad?

  3. normalboy Says:

    Well, that depends on if they thought it was good or bad. I think it’s a good thing. Girl swimmers are hot too (just not as hot as boy swimmers).

  4. CapeRanger Says:

    Hey Mike

    I digged your post. I landed up here for the same reason – swimmer’s body is the ultimate. My problem is … I weigh 230lb and I need to get down to 150lb with a body fat % of under 10%. It feels impossible.

    My doctor says I’m going to be dead in 5 years – my liver and pancreas has already packed up – so yea, that’s a bit crappy. I can extend my life if I shed the weight.

    So, was looking for training programs online and found your post. It’s been 4 months since you posted – was wondering how far you are?


  5. normalboy Says:

    Through more exercise, dieting, and getting my wisdom teeth extracted, I lost five more pounds. After I got a job in retail, I lost another fifteen. I still don’t look like a swimmer, but I could probably wear a speedo if I wanted to.

    I don’t think your goal is impossible, though it will take a lot of commitment and effort. I never really had a training program. I controlled what I ate and joined a gym. The gym is intimidating and can sometimes be boring, so I went with a friend in the early stages.

    Best of luck with your weight loss! Email me sometime to let me know how you’re doing.

  6. Bojan Says:

    Normalboy…my congratulations ! You’ve lost a lot of pounds !!
    And it’s true ,the swimmers have the hottest body and I’m saying this cause it’s a well known opinion by the female population. I also wonder if they do also some other exercises than just swimming ? My wish is also to shape my body like V .
    Are you only swimming or also doin some other exercises ?

  7. jason Says:

    i am a swimmer i have been since i was 6 i am now 17… i dont want to brag bc i hate that but i do have a swimmers body..it takes some work and dedication too. i get lots of looks and comments its a good feeling…
    So u know i am 5ft5 110 pounds with about 0 fat on my body if i have ne at all is a little on my butt lol.
    i swim around 3 1/2 hours a day and that doesnt always include the warm up out the pool
    i am involved in other sports too soccer running and some baseball..bassketball is out since i am short and ppl tower over me. i play some and its fun for awhile
    you can have a swimmer body with work.. just keep at it and you will get there i promise
    also MOST swimmer never stop practicing bc if you do you can lose it its easier to just keep swimming
    Main thing is b active! my mom is a health freak LOL and we dont eat alot of junk either what you put in ur body matters!!

  8. brahhski Says:

    hey im a swimmer too, im 15 and about 5’7. to really get a good swimmer’s body you have to train for at least a few months. Start off with workouts in the afternoon that are 90 minutes long. then after these gets easy, make the workouts harder, meaning more swimming, less stopping, faster and harder swimming.

    After that you can make your practice 2 hours long, be sure to take protein shakes 1 hour before and right after your practices. Once 2 hours feels ok, try to fit in a practice in the morning before work or school.

    ive been swimming about 3 hours a day of intense training for years now. im on a team and we swim about 5-8 miles a day

  9. Gabriel Says:

    Wow, to the two swimmers, three hours a day is alot to fit in. I’ve always had very well developed pecs and shoulders, but since I’ve been swimming a half hour a day with a seperate ten minute warm up and cool down and five minute stretching, my legs and stomach have been catching up but now I’m worried I’m not doing enough.
    I know one of the main points is just that I’m there. How many ft/meters/ miles do you fit in in an hour? I’ve been doing about 150 meters in a half hour, my heart rate stays at a steady 120 to 130 throughout the workout, is this intense enough?
    I’ve only been at it for about three weeks now but I have been seeing some toning and I’ve lost about fifteen lb’s with combined nutrition regime, which means eating a crap load of vegetables since I’m a habitual eater. Thanks alot for any info and good luck to the other hopefuls on this blog.

  10. Gabriel Says:

    Forgot to mention, I alternate daily from breast stroke to front crawl, usually with an added 25 to 35 meters of the other at the end depending on how my body feels that day. I go to the gym between at between five thirty to six am because I hear these are the best times to work the body. I didn’t eat before I went because I heard when the body is fasting is the best time to really burn fat but a trainer there who also consults in nutrition says that I should eat before to get my metabolism boosted so I’ve been doing that for about a week now. any other advice welcome and appreciated, thanks again.

  11. Ariel Says:

    I have some questions concernig how to get a swimmes body. How do they manage to be so slim around the abdomen and still have a big back.?And do swimmers train a lot of weights??

  12. Hannah Says:

    I am a girl swimmer and have been for 8 years now. I train about 15 hours a week (sometimes more) with hard intense practices ranging about 4,500-6,000 yards each practice. I am pretty fit and slim, and I honestly don’t ever do dryland workouts with my team. You don’t see many swimmers do a ton of weights. And we have big backs because of how many times we rotate our shoulders each practice, and because of how important our arms are to all the different strokes.
    It’s hard work, but definately worth it!

  13. simpleHOTboy Says:

    swimming is a kind of great pleasure…a lot of fun, it benefit your health and relax your mind too. I enjoyed swimming too much, wherever in the pool or in the sea, as long as with your friends taking more pictures and a lot of native food to eat! its really fun!!!!

  14. Vitor de Castro Says:

    I’m 16, and I stopped swimming when I was 13. I always hated dryland sports. Water is definitely my passion. It relaxes me so much so I spend hours swimming and get out of the pool with a big smile in my face. I had to stop as I had some health problems so since there I am a lazy person. I remember I was really fit, but with no sports I’m overweight (210 lbs). My high is comparable to Michael Phelps. I’m 6’4″ high with big arms; 6’8″of wingspan. If I hadn’t stop, certainly I’d be insanely hot, strong, happier and healthy.
    I used to swim almost 1 mile 3× a week. Now I’m on a diet, and I plan doing at least 1.3 mile 5× a week until Q3 fitting in the smallest/lowest speedo with a hot body. And as I wanna start as soon as possible, I’m getting in Atkins’ diet to lose some weight (so I can feel better with myself in the pool), but after that I’m gonna get in a 100% Italian/Mediterranean diet, which can give me a lot of energy and lots of good fat and carbohydrates.
    Tasty pecs and shoulders, here I come!

  15. asimreeeeh Says:

    yeah man im on a swim team for wilson
    im 5’8 165. ive lost about 10 pounds since joining. my shoulders have gotten broader and my chest has gotten bigger. my stomach. ahhh not really. but i practice 4 days a week 90 minutes each practice. im a butterfly stroke man so my back and lats are getting HUGE. do some v ups (100-200) every night before bed and in about a week or two you should burn some stomach fat and your waist will shrink.

  16. chill out Says:

    ok so some people on here are REALLY intense.

    For whoever wants to get in shape my suggestion to you would be to not go overboard on the swimming. Although swimming is less stressful on your body than other forms of exercise, it makes you hungrier and you’re more likely to overeat after a swim than a walk/run. You should do a combination of different things. Swim for about an hour twice a week, run or walk twice a week, and lift weights once a week. The more you switch up your workouts the more calories you burn. (If you just do the same thing over and over your body adjusts and burns less calories)

    I am a pretty well rounded athlete- I played basketball and soccer for about 7 years and I started swimming when I was 5. (I’m a 15 year old girl) I also took up Cross Country 2 years ago. As for the whole “swimmer’s body” stereotype: THAT DOES NOT APPLY TO EVERYONE. Saying all swimmers have good bodies is like saying everyone in the U.S. is white. There are AMAZING year-round state-qualifying swimmers who don’t have great bodies. Everyone has their own body type, and its more important to be healthy (which could include less body fat) than to be super skinny.

  17. normalboy Says:

    Yes. I agree it’s a stereotype and that not all swimmers have a “swimmer’s body.” I only used the term as a way to describe the look that I like/want. I don’t mean to imply that everyone who swims have that look or that I will get that body type by only swimming.

    I’m not sure if it’s as severe as saying everyone in the US is white, but yes, perhaps I should have been more careful with my wording. Sorry.

    Thanks for the comment and the advice though!

  18. bluebird Says:

    I trained for- and ran a marathon just recently. I can’t say that I feel and see much difference on my body. I also want to come back in shape but getting quite frustrated when I don’t see the results. I guess if I just stick with it the results will eventually come. As for now I’ve started training HIIT. I think I will start seeing the results more quickly if i train high explosive training compared to the low cardio running I’ve done for a while now.


  19. Hugo Aguilar Says:

    I am glad I found this post. I did not know anything about swimming until I met my wife. She is a amazing swimmer. I am a 36 year old guy, and completely infatuated with swimming. I love sports in general, so much that I decided to find the ultimate athlete. We get so caught up with super athletes that are exceptional at one sports, that forget the ones that are really good at many. As a matter of fact, there is no venue for them to thrive.

    Uhmm, I wonder if Michael Phelps can dunk the ball, hit a homerun in 10 pitches, run the 400 meters in less the 60 seconds and kick a 60 yard field goal.

    I want to know if those type of athletes are out there. My goal for the summer, to swim the 200 meter IM. I started training a month ago and could not even swim 100 meters without stopping in agony. Today I swam 1200 meters and stopped only three times….

    I am hooked on swimming. If you care, I will keep you posted throughout the summer about my training and accomplishment in the water…

  20. Jonny Says:

    There is a big difference between getting:

    “The athletic shape of the swimmers body” versus “A good body for swimming”.

    If the goal is the latter then there are some great posts on here about how much time to spend in the pool. If your goal is getting the hot shape then check out The Swimmers Body.

    EDIT from normalboy: The link above is an advertisement. This comment is borderline spam, but I approved it because it’s on topic. Just letting you know.

  21. O7Tor Says:

    Hi, first i’m glad to find this comments about swimming (excuse me if my english is not very good), i’m from Colombia and soon i will start practicing this great sport, it is too good for mind and body. Actually i’d like getting a swimmer’s body too and that is another reason, but not the only one. Unfortunately apparently i’m too old (19) but it doesn’t matter to me. I will take a course for three weeks before i starting classes, i hope that when i was studying again (at medical school) i have enough time to practice it. Finally, thanks normalboy for your opinions and information, is good find that many people feels like me 🙂

  22. Vanessa Says:

    Well I’ve been on the swim team ever since i was eight! It took me at least two years to get the totally hardcore swimmer body! I mean i have to say it isn’t easy at all!!! Every summer i have to get in the pool at 7 in the morning. Usually before or after swim practice we do a whole work out that takes 30 minutes (push-ups, sit ups, etc.) The main thing about a swimmers body is the broad shoulders and the abs. Okay my shoulders are really broad, but the push-ups really work. But if your doing abs our coach sometimes hooks us up to a bungee cord and let us swim and it really works!!!

  23. patx Says:

    Hey, I’m a swimmer but not seriously. I swim butterfly for my university in the UK (3rd year), and although I compete and do OK, I deffinately don’t do as much as the other guys.
    I often take time off over the summer and put on some weight, especially round my tummy and would like to share how I get rid of it quite easily and go back to my “swimmers body”.

    Broad shoulders are awesome on girls, just to let you know.

    You get a thin waist and big back and shoulders just because of the lack of fat, the broad shoulders and back is all down to the muscles which are used when swimming. – which you don’t need to do weights for, a few pull ups help though.

    It might sound obvious that working each area individually is easier in training but also works that body part harder, because you can direct more energy to that place to burn more fat and work the muscle.
    With that in mind, using a kick board and swimming legs only (crawl on front or back, breast stroke is useless) will really work the top of your things,hips, lower abdomen and butt. you can do this with fins (flippers) or without. but with fins is harder and more fun (because you go really fast). and remember you kick from you hips, not your knees.
    The best thing for your stomach is dolphin kick. if you don’t know what this is look it up on youtube. it is quite hard to learn if you have never done it before, just try it a little bit everytime you go swimming and you’ll get it. do dolphin kick on your back with you arms stretched out. it’s ok not to be able to many lengths. if you can do a full length of dolphin kick, as a none swimmer, you should be very pleased. it hurts a lot. this can also be done with or without fins. and with or without a float in your hands.
    If you are struggling with dolphin kick, good old front crawl is also really good for your core muscles.
    The best way to work your shoulder, back and arms is to do front crawl with a float in between your legs, so you are just using your arms. it is tough on your arms but you will notice the difference very quickly.
    Generally speaking, the best thing to do is crawl, unless you can swim butterfly. breaststroke: unless swam racing style burns the least calories.
    Make sure when you are swimming, don’t have rest unless you really feel you have to, your heart rate should be high, and you should feel really hot, like your face is burning. at this intensity you can burn 500 calories in an hour if you keep it up. this is why pro swimmer like Phelps HAVE to eat so much. Swimming burns the most calories and uses the most energy out of all the sports per hour (obviously depending on how hard you swim, a granny in an hour won’t burn as much as a pro footballer ect.)
    And just to let you know, humans are designed to run, we are naturally good at it, which means that it doesn’t use up much energy. So you can run and run and run and you won’t lose much weight. But we’re not designed for swimming.
    Good luck and let me know how it goes, and also if you have any questions 🙂

  24. patx Says:

    just to prove it works, here’s a picture of me from last year:


  25. Conor Says:

    Swimming is probably one of the best and easiest ways of getting a good body also since a swimmers body is the best is one of the best sports you can do.
    I hate all other sports swimming is the only one I excel at I am only 13 now but if you get yourself into a club and train every training session possible it is incredible when you are there with people you know I have been in three clubs and it shows that if you are in a club with people you know then you get better quicker you just need to put the time and effort into it.
    I have only been swimming since I was 8 yet in my school there is probably only 10 people that are fitter swimming wise. It only takes about a year to get a good swimmers body just whatever you do don’t stop! The body doesn’t take long to go away I stopped for a year after leaving my last club and the body got a lot worse than before the good thing is doesn’t matter how long you don’t swim for you can go straight back into it because your body gets so used to it I only swim 3 hours a week and other exercise for 2 hours a week but I am trying out for the 2012 – 2016 Olympics and will be changing it to at least 26 hours a week swim 14 gym but that is because it is the sorta thing european swimmers would participate in if you want to be dedicated to it then get into a club go to some gala’s me myself have a eight hour gala coming up in may but I can almost guarentie myself I will not get bored for a second as I will have my mates there for me. Well done on losing the weight keep on going as it is very easy to get the body within a year and I see this is about two years old so hope you are doing well and have got what you wanted.

    • normalboy Says:

      Thanks for commenting, Conor! Yes, this was posted two years ago, but I do not have a swimmer’s body yet. My swimming/exercising routine never really came to fruition. I’m still about the same weight I was when I posted this, which is good, but I’m not any closer to having a swimmer’s body.

      I should get back into an exercise routine. I would definitely still like to have a swimmer’s body (in more ways than one!). I have big plans for when I go to graduate school.

      I’m glad to hear you’re doing well with it and at such a young age! Best of luck trying out for the Olympics! You’ll have to let me know when you make it. 🙂

  26. lis Says:

    I swam in college (never stopped) and now I do ocean and lake swims. As such I can tell you that one thing you can do to work ALL of your abs is butterfly kick on your back. Angle your head slightly up and make sure your knees don’t break the water. Each kick is like a crunch but harder because you can’t tense your back to lift up (like you would crunching on the floor). I started out doing 2-3 laps. Now I do 10mins or so constant. Its kept my middle slender even after 3 children.

  27. Amber Says:

    hi im amber and i have a swimmers body too i started swimming for USA Swimming year round not recreational swimming the real deal if your planning to make a career or got to nationals, or the Olympics when i was 4 but i’m only 13 now. Recently i quit because of other issues but through my years of training we used to work hard core, literally. We usually would swim once a day during school for 2 hours and dry-land ( kind of like the gym, swimmers use this term a lot) for about 30 minutes and cover 6000 yards at least per day. In the summer we double all of that. But you don’t have to do all of that if you want a decent swimmers body your going to at least need to swim 1 hour a day every other day and run too hint: do stadiums it helps a lot. Plus don’t forget to stretch for about 15 minutes at least thats extremely important when it comes to swimming especially if you don’t want to pull a muscle. Also balance your nutrition try eating a bannana before you swim so you have potassium in your system. im going to give a list of thing s that you should eat and should and alittle miny workout bouns.

    Eat before practice: Don’t eat before practice:
    -WATER ( hydration important) -Candy
    -bananas(potassium eat 15 minutes or so before) -Soda
    -apples (protein easy to digest) – Fast food
    -blueberries( protein) – milk (creates lactide acid in system)
    -wheat bread(carbs)
    -light meal of pasta (carbs)
    -veggies ( protein)

    * Make sure you DRINK WATER before during and after practice. Within 30 min after finishing practice drink chocolate milk rejuvenates muscles even Micheal Phelps does it. Eat a healthy meal after words and cut off sweet and fast food cravings. I now a lot of info about nutrition because my mom works for WIC and shes a nutritionist on top of that i have been swimming for 9 years of my life.

    Workout bonus: ( don’t worry it isn’t going to be hard core like our workouts)

    -Stretch for 15 min at least S: short course L:long course
    – 400 yards freestyle for warm up 500- 20 laps S / 10 laps L
    -Sprint Set 400- 16 laps S / 8 laps L
    -10 25 yards sprint on the 1:30 interval 300- 12 laps S / 6laps L
    – 5 25 yards butterfly on the 2:00 interval 200- 8 laps S / 4 laps L
    – 5 25 yards backstroke on the 1:30 interval 100- 4 laps S / 2 laps L
    – 5 25 yards breastroke on the 2: 00 interval 50- 2 laps S / 1 laps L
    – Main Set: 25- 1 lap S / 1/2 lap L
    – 4 100s of each stroke on the 2:30
    – 4 100s of each stroke on the 2:15
    – 4 100s of each stroke on the 2:00
    – Warm Down:
    – 300 yard freestyle

    ************** You don’t have to keep the set exactly the same nor the inter val depending if you are a beginner or more advanced. GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. Robert Says:

    Keep up the swimming! I am on a year round team that swims about 13 hours a week and I have a rocken body! Trust me it wlrks

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